Recommended LiveStream Specs

This article will be a simple guide that goes over some general specs that Mux (our streaming provider) suggests that their customers use.


Question: What bitrates do you support for streams? YouTube is 6 mbps bitrate and not high enough for my needs.

Answer: We offer 4-5 renditions for most streams, depending on the resolution and bitrate sent in. We suggest sending in between 5 and 8Mbps for input of 1080p for best performance, and our output renditions cap out at 1080p at around 5Mbps. We’re right around YouTube’s level of output.


Question: My question is about level of audio on your platform. Do you normalize to a certain LUFS? What peak level do you prefer DbFS, -0.1?  -1?

Answer: By default we do nothing to the audio levels present in the source files, and persist whatever comes in for the outputs. For on-demand assets we do have a flag called `normalize_audio` you can pass, but this does not work for live streams, where we suggest people broadcast at the audio levels they want on the output.