What’s this Charge on My Card Statement? (aftoncharge.com, Salem, Oregon, 888-308-9574)

A charge on your credit or debit card has one or more of these in the description, right?

  • Afton Tickets, Inc.
  • www.aftoncharge.com
  • Salem, Oregon / Salem OR
  • www.aftoncharge.salem
  • 888-308-9574
  • Theater Tickets or Event Tickets

If so, see below…

What is this charge on my credit card?

Afton Tickets is an online ticketing, box office, and point of sale company that various event organizers use when they put on live events (Concerts, Fairs, Festivals, Brewfests, Wine Festivals, Conferences, Rodeos, Dances, etc).

The charge on your credit card is from Afton Tickets, Inc. which is our ticketing company. The charge is either for admission tickets for an event and/or for non-admission items sold by that event organizer such as event parking, festival merch, add-on items, beer/food vouchers, auction items, donations, ride bracelets, etc. You may have purchased these items at one of the following outlets:

  • Online through AftonTickets.com, the event organizer’s website, or our Facebook app.
  • Or, in-person at a physical box office location (usually at the venue where the event is held).

Where can I learn more about Afton Tickets?

Afton Tickets sells live event tickets on behalf of our clients (live event facilities, event promoters, etc). Please visit our homepage for more info about our company, our clients, and upcoming events:


Where are my tickets and event info?

If you signed in, created an account, or otherwise provided your email address during the purchase process, then all the info about your event, your tickets, and your selected delivery method can be found in My Account.

Unless you purchased at a box office and provided no email address during purchase, you were also emailed a receipt for your order, which contained all the info about the event as well as info about your tickets and the delivery method you selected.

Need to get in touch with us?

Email us at support@aftontickets.com or give us a ring at 888-308-9574, and we’ll be happy to help you.