Creating Affiliate Links to Track Ticket Sales

The Afton Tickets Affiliate link tracking and Affiliate Reporting are powerful tools that will help you sell more tickets and maximize your event revenue. Providing an Affiliate link to any performer, promoter, street team member, or entity allows them to promote your event and the Afton Tickets system will track in real-time the ticket sales they generate for you. Many clients give a payout % or $ flat amount to each Affiliate for every ticket they sell. Here’s how to get started:

Go to the Affiliate Reports Tab

  1. Login to your Afton Tickets Client Portal.
  2. From your Events Listing Dashboard, click “Manage/Edit Event” for the event you want to create Affiliate links for.
  3. Then click the “Affiliate Report” tab for that event.
  4. Follow the instructions under the “To Create a Trackable Affiliate Link.” I’ll explain how to do this below.

Basically, you’re going to find your Buy Tickets URL for this specific event, and then you’ll add ?aff= to the end of that URL and type whatever you want your Affiliate link to be named. We recommend you use something to indicate which affiliate referral entity this link is for.

Example: Creating an Affiliate Link

Let’s say I have an affiliate who is going to sell tickets for me, they are a promoter named Loud Presents.

You’d find your Buy Tickets URL for your specific event, it would look something like this:
Note: This is an example buy tix link. Each event has it’s own unique Buy Tickets URL.

Then you would ADD to the end of that URL the following: ?aff=

In this example, I’ve decided to name this link LoudPresents so I’d add that after the ?aff= this: LoudPresents

Important: You CANNOT use any special characters or spaces it must be letters or numbers in the URL for the name of your affiliate. i.e. Here I put LoudPresents but I could not put Loud Presents or Lo#dPresents.

ALWAYS test the affiliate links you create by loading them in your browser to ensure they point to the correct event and that they load correctly. This helps ensure you didn’t make a mistake when creating the affiliate link.

You can create as many affiliate tracking URL’s as needed. If you ever have questions about affiliate links or affiliate reporting please contact your Afton Account Manager or email

Affiliate Reporting

Most clients have many affiliate links per event, so the Affiliate Report will only display the stats on an Affiliate after at least 1 ticket is sold from their link. If any affiliate links you sent out are not appearing on the report it means they have sold 0 tickets for you so far. You can use the Affiliate Report to see in real-time how well your Affiliates are selling tickets for your event. This also is helpful after the event if you have an arrangement with Affiliates to give them a % or flat $ amount payout for every ticket they sell for you with their Affiliate tracking link.