Forgot Password or Having Trouble Logging into Your Account?

If you forgot your password or are having trouble signing in to your customer account at, follow these steps to reset your password. If you ever need help you can contact us at:

1) If you haven’t been prompted to sign in, go to and click on the ‘Log in’ button. You then will want to click on Attendee if you are customer.

2) A new window will come up and on this page you will just need to click on ‘Forgot Password’

3) Then you will be asked whether you would like to reset your password via phone (SMS text) or email. Click whichever option you would like.

4) You will then have to fill in the requested info and then click on ‘Reset Password’

5) You then will be prompted that an a confirmation code was emailed or texted to you.

6) In a new web browser tab you will need to head over to your email inbox and look for the 6 digit code that our site sent to you. (See below for the location)

7) Copy that 6 digit code and navigate back over to the Afton Tickets tab that you had open on your web browser and paste in the 6 digit code. Then click on ‘Verify’

8) On the next page it will have you enter in your new password and then verify that password again. Once you are finished just click on ‘Reset Password’ and your new password should be created.

If you need any further assistance please email