Full Afton Tickets Live stream Walk through

Follow along below for a step by step guide to setting up a Live Stream event.


Create Live Stream Event

Tech Rider

The tech rider is the process of setting up your equipment for your livestream performarnce.

Download/Install OBS

OBS is the main program that we advice clients to use for their livestream event. Many other programs can be used but this is the program that we are most familiar with and recommend to any client.


Sound Test / Greenroom

This is the section of the livestream where you are able to make sure everything is sounding just how you want it to for your livestream performance/event.

Going Live

This is the last screen you will see before going live for your event. We go over the interface and what to expect before you go live.

The above steps are all the main areas to setting up your livestream but we know some clients want other features that they can use for their livestreams so we incorporated them into our platform and made a few walkthroughs below.


Connecting Your Stream To Zoom


Connecting Your Stream To Facebook

This is a great option to give your fans a sneak peak as to what will be showcased in the livestream event.


If you have any questions about the process or need any assistance be sure to reach out to your account manager so they are able to help you out.