Early Payouts: Authorize.net Account Benefits

Afton Tickets clients can get early ticket fund payouts if preferred. All that’s needed is a Stripe.com account or an Authorize.net account (aka auth.net account).

Stripe.com takes just a few minutes to setup, and is ideal for clients doing less than $100,000 per year in ticket sales volume. But there is not much potential for you to make extra profit by using Stripe.

For clients that do more than $100,000 in annual ticket sales volume, the special auth.net wholesale rate that Afton Tickets can get is well worth it. If you are selling more than $1,000,000 in tickets per year than getting your own Authorize.net account is an absolute MUST.

Here’s a summary of how it works, why it’s so powerful to your bottom line, and other FAQ’s.

Contact your Afton Account Manager if you’d like us to connect you with our auth.net rep to get you started.

Note: Afton Tickets does not receive any financial incentive or referral payout when our clients get an authorize.net account through our auth.net rep. The only benefit to Afton Tickets is knowing that we help our clients make more profit on every ticket sold.

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Because you’ll get ticket fund deposits every day in your bank account, as ticket sales happen. Early access to your funds, without waiting until after the event to get your money.


Afton Tickets can get our clients special “wholesale pricing” from our higher-up authorize.net rep because we do so much volume with auth.net. It’s an easy setup and takes about 7-10 days to get approved but our rep handles it all for you. Afton then integrates your auth.net account into your Afton ticketing portal for you.

Wholesale pricing means there is 0 markup, so you pay the specific % rate on the card each attendee uses. i.e. A person uses a debit card your rate is 0.25%, if a person uses a business AMEX card the fee may be 3.25%. Throughout each month, your card processing rate % is the makeup of the cards your attendees actually use, and rather than always paying a flat X% you are getting the wholesale rate per card with no markup.

My clients are getting 1.90% to 2.20% averaging across all card types used, depending on the month, and depending on the exact makeup of the types of cards their attendees chose to use that month.

Simply put, you can’t really find a better rate than wholesale with no markup!

My auth.net rep also waives ALL authorize.net monthly fees and startup fees as a part of this special deal for Afton Tickets clients.

*Even if you already have an existing authorize.net account, my rep can get your monthly fees waived and transfer you over to this lower pricing.


Don’t worry, having your own authorize.net account does not mean you incur the above costs. Afton Tickets sets the Card Processing % to whatever you want us to, and you keep that part of our fee – which covers your authorize.net processing fees. In this way, using your own authorize.net account never is an expense on your end.


Afton recommends that you still have us charge your attendees 3.00% card processing even if you have a lower auth.net rate. This way, you profit on the difference between the 3.00% we charged your attendees in the ticket fee and the actual processing rate authorize.net ended up being for that month.

Example: Afton Tickets charges 3.00% card processing to your attendees, this month your authorize.net average processing rate was 1.90%, you just made 1.10% extra profit on all transactions processed.
*This really adds up throughout the year, in this example that’s $1,100 extra profit for every $100,000 in ticket sales, or $11,000 per year for every $1M in sales.


Most clients choose to just get 1 authorize.net account for their online transactions so they get those ticket funds each day.

If you also want to have in-person credit card sales at the box office going to your bank account each day, you just need to ask for a 2nd authorize.net account that is for card-present transactions. Most clients don’t get a 2nd account, because typically Afton Tickets pays out your in-person credit card funds a few days after the event, and most or all in-person credit card sales occur on the day of the event.


Afton Tickets clients who own a bar, restaurant, store, or any other type of service or business that processes credit cards can use their new authorize.net account for those card transactions as well even if they are transactions that are outside of the Afton Tickets platform. We’ve had breweries and wineries use their new auth.net with the lower rate all throughout their business to save money in those areas as well!