Fan Troubleshooting: It Kicked Me Out of the Stream?

If you were watching the stream successfully and suddenly you are kicked out of the stream, don’t worry. It’s easy to get back in. It’s possible that your session timed out in your browser, so make sure that your browser is set to “Allow Cookies.”

IF you’re getting the “Already Watching or Duplicate Ticket” prompt.

This means that more than 1 device or more than 1 browser or browser tab is trying to use your LiveStream Ticket. Afton LiveStream has anti-share ticket technology so that only 1 device/browser can watch a stream at any one time. That is why you are getting this prompt message. Maybe you shared your ticket with a friend, which is not allowed, or maybe you previously launched your ticket on another device or browser before the show or during the show while trying to switch to another device. Don’t worry, it’s super simple to fix this or switch devices!

Click the “Deauthorize All Devices” button and follow the instructions on the prompt screen you’re seeing. Then you’ll be able to watch right away without any problems. This is also how you switch devices if you’re watching on your computer, but then mid-stream want to switch to your phone so you can screencast to your TV.

IF you continue to get this “Already Watching” prompt – it’s possible that you SHARED your LiveStream Ticket with a friend and they are trying to watch at the same time, and you are kicking each other off the stream. Or, you may unintentionally be sharing a ticket. If you purchased more than 1 LiveStream ticket make sure that you and your friends are using DIFFERENT tickets within your order. Each LiveStream Ticket that was emailed to you has an identifier number so you can tell them apart, i.e. if you bought 3 tickets you’ll have an email for Ticket 1 / 3, Ticket 2 /3, and Ticket 3 / 3.

If you still need help, reach out to