Fan Troubleshooting: It Says I Need to Buy a Ticket?

Almost all of the Afton LiveStream events require a LiveStream Ticket in order to watch the stream.

If You Have NOT Purchased a LiveStream Ticket Yet…

Here is How to Buy a Ticket. As soon as you purchase a ticket, you can access your LiveStream Ticket link directly from the purchase success page – so if you buy right before a stream starts or after a stream has started you can access the stream without having to wait for the ticket email to arrive. After purchase, we also email you a LiveStream Ticket to the original email address you checked out with.
How to Find Your LiveStream Ticket After Purchase

If You ALREADY Purchased a LiveStream Ticket

Simply find your LiveStream Ticket and click the “Redeem Ticket” button within that email to access the stream.

IF you’re getting the “You Need to Buy a Ticket to View this Event” prompt.

If you see a prompt telling you that you need to buy a ticket to view this event, close your browser. Then find the original LiveStream Ticket that we emailed to you and relaunch your ticket by clicking the Redeem Ticket Link in your LiveStream Ticket email. It’s possible your session timed out, make sure that “Cookies Are Allowed” in the Browser you’re using.

IF you’re using a Free Viewing Link sent to you by the event organizer, you need to use the original URL that was sent to you. Once that is copied into someone’s browser it won’t work if they copy from their browser and send to you. So check that you’re using the original URL that was sent to you. Or, it’s possible that the Free Viewing Link max cap threshold has been reached.

If you are still having issues please contact us at: