How to Find Your LiveStream Ticket

If you successfully purchased a LiveStream Ticket for an Afton Tickets LiveStream here’s how to find it:

Search your email inbox for an email from:

Right after your ticket purchase, we send your LiveStream Ticket(s) to the email address you purchased with. Do a search from within that email inbox for an email from
Check your junk/spam folder and any other folders (i.e. Gmail has promotions, updates, etc folders). If you purchased multiple LiveStream Tickets each is sent to you as a separate email.
We also send a reminder email 24 hours prior to the stream to the email you purchased with, that will also have your LiveStream Ticket link in it.
If you don’t see any emails from there may be a typo in the email address you provided when you purchased. Or, you may have purchased your tickets with some other email address that you own.

Right after ticket purchase, we also displayed your LiveStream Ticket links that you could copy on the purchase success page.

Login to your customer account at to retrieve your LiveStream Ticket

If you can’t find the LiveStream Ticket we emailed you from, then you can easily access your LiveStream Ticket from your Customer Account. Here’s how:

  1. Go to home page and click the Login button, or Click Here for the Login Page.
  2. Login to your Afton Tickets customer account:
  • IF you originally used Checkout with Facebook for your purchase:
    • Click the Sign Up with Facebook for easy login.
  • IF you originally used Guest Checkout for your purchase:
    • An account is already created for you. To access it, click “Forgot Password?” and enter the email address you originally purchased with.
    • An email will be sent from with a Reset Password link so you can access your account.
  • IF you chose to create an account with email and password during purchase, or already have an existing account that you know your login email and password for then enter those into the email and password fields to access your account.

Once You’re Logged into Your Customer Account:

  1. Click on the Profile Avatar in the upper right corner, then click “My Account.”
  2. From here you can click “My Tickets” to see all of your ticket orders.
  3. Find the LiveStream event that you need to retrieve your tickets for and click “View >” button.
  4. Under “Your Broadcast Tickets” it will least each LiveStream ticket in your order. Use the “COPY LINK” for each LiveStream Ticket, paste that into your browser, and that is how you can redeem your ticket to start watching the stream.
    1. If you need to send a LiveStream ticket to someone else, click the COPY LINK for the ticket you want to send, and you can email/text or send that link so they can watch.
    2. Caution: Only 1 device can watch the live stream at any one time. Do not share your tickets or you will be unable to watch the stream if someone else tries using your ticket!

Still Need Help? Contact us: