Purchasing Without Credit/Debit Card

You need to use either a credit or debit card to order tickets through the AftonTickets.com website, as well as through the AftonTickets app on a venue’s Facebook page. If you prefer to purchase your ticket for cash, visit the venue’s website to find out if they offer a box office where they can sell tickets for cash. If the venue’s website says they have a box office, you can visit the venue during the listed Box Office hours, to purchase your ticket(s) for cash.

If you don’t have a card but would still like to purchase online, you could obviously see if a friend or relative could order for you, and you could give them cash to cover the charge. Or another great option is the GREEN DOT Pay-As-You-Go VISA – which you can get at a bunch of different stores.

Having a “pay as you go” card like that is great for more than just ordering tickets. It works a lot like a “pay as you go” cell phone, and it only costs you $5/month for unlimited use! And you’re only charged that fee when you have a balance on the card. If you stop loading it up, then they can’t bill you anymore.

You just take the cash you want to load on the card to a participating store location and it gets put on the card for you to use online, at stores, or where ever you want (anywhere that accepts VISA).

**To see locations near you that have the GREEN DOT Pay-As-You-Go VISA, visit this URL: Search for GreenDot purchase locations