LiveStream: How To Watch From Amazon Firestick

In order to Stream on Your Fire TV most say that it is best to use the web browser called Amazon Silk (Download HERE). Use that program in conjunction with either the Android (Download HERE) or iPhone (Download HERE) tv remote app which works for Fire TV.

If you have already gone through the process of Linking your Fire TV to your Amazon account then you should be able to directly deliver what is streaming on the Silk app to your Fire TV stick.

When you have successfully installed the Amazon Silk browser on your Fire TV, it will be displayed with text that says ‘Internet’ (as shows below).


After clicking on the app you can manually type in the URL that was sent to you. It should show something like this: ( along with a string of letters and numbers). Since it is fairly difficult to type long web address’ through a Fire TV Remote it is a good idea to download the Fire TV remote app. That way you can type through your phone or past a URL from your phone.

Once you have successfully entered in the URL that you are trying to watch from you can simply click on the  square in the bottom right to enter ‘Full Screen Mode’ (Shown below).


Video walkthrough below