Fan Troubleshooting: I Don’t Hear Any Audio

First, CHECK LIVE CHAT. If all of the users in live chat are not experiencing an audio outage, then the audio issue is most likely on your end and not a widespread issue.

First, make sure that the video player on the watch page is not MUTED. Hover or mouse over the video player to see the player controls at the bottom of the player. Directly to the right of the play/pause button is a speaker icon. Click that to make sure it is not MUTED and that it is on (if it’s not muted it will be a speaker icon without a line crossing through it).

If you’re sure your UNMUTED, then the problem could be with your speakers, your device, etc. Make sure to check your device or speaker system to ensure the audio routing is setup correctly. Examples:

  1. If listening on a phone, Bluetooth may be on and sending audio to headphones you’re not wearing.
  2. Your stereo receiver for your sound system may not be on the right input.
  3. Your TV may be on the wrong input for audio.

If the video player on the Afton LiveStream watch page is unmuted, and if everyone in live chat is hearing audio just fine, then it must be something related to your device, speaker system, or your TV.

If you need help reach out to