Fan Troubleshooting: How Do I See Merch for Sale During the Stream?

Most artists and performers choose to sell their Merch in-stream when they use the Afton LiveStream Platform. But not everyone does. First make sure the stream you’re watching has Merch for sale, if you don’t see Merch for sale on the stream watch page itself, ask in Live Chat if others are seeing Merch for sale.

How to Buy Merch During the Stream from the Watch Page

If Merch is for sale, then here’s how to see it:

1. On desktop, look below the player, Merch will be listed there for sale.
2. On mobile phone, Merch is a TAB under the player to the right of the Live Chat Tab.

If you saw Merch for sale, but it disappeared:
If you were watching on a large browser window, if you make the browser window smaller it will convert the Merch to a tab. Rarely, in some browsers/device combinations, you’ll need to REFRESH the page once it puts Merch back into a Tab. So try that.
If you were watching on a small browser window and then enlarged your browser window the Merch will switch from being a Tab to being displayed under the video player. Just like above, rarely some browser/device combinations will require you to REFRESH page to see Merch again. This is rare, but that will refresh the Merch and display it to you so you can support the artist!

Note: The event organizer decides when Merch is for sale before and after the stream. So if you access the stream watch page with your ticket before the show, it’s possible that the Merch is not for sale yet, and if you access the stream watch page after the event has ended it’s possible that Merch is no longer for sale.

If you still need help email