Credit/Debit Card Not Working or Declined. accepts the following types of credit/debit cards:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express (AmEx)
  • Discover

This article assumes you’re using one of the above types of cards. It also assumes that your card has not expired, has not been canceled, and that you’ve correctly entered the card number, expiration date, and CVV code printed on the card.

Unless the card’s account balance won’t allow a purchase for the amount you’re attempting, the card being declined is because the billing address you’ve provided does not match the Address Verification System (AVS) data being sent back to our payment gateway provider,, by the bank or institution that issued your card.

What To Do Next

1. The quickest and simplest solution is to use another credit/debit card.

2. Otherwise, the only way to resolve the issue is to contact the bank or institution who issued your card, to find out what AVS billing address they have on file for that card, etc. has informed us that this issue can sometimes be caused if you’ve recently moved:

  • In the event of a move, updating your address with the US Postal Service can cause your mail to forward correctly to your new home but would not involve updating the AVS data associated with your card at your bank.
  • Also, some banks can be slow about updating AVS data (address changes). Talk to your bank if the billing address you are entering is not matching what they have on file.

Why Your Bank Already Shows “Pending Transaction”

In some cases, your bank might leave a hold on the funds from the declined transaction for up to a few days (i.e. Card Charged Incorrectly or More Than Once). Often though, they drop off the account by the end of the day. It just depends on your bank’s policies. Unfortunately, there’s no automated way for us to tell your bank they should release the hold. But we do have safeguards in place to prevent multiple attempts of the same transaction, to help ensure multiple attempts don’t result in multiple holds by your bank.