LiveStream: PC Users Only. Install ReaStream Vst Plug-in

First, make sure this is the right article. You only need to follow these steps if the following is true:

  • The device you’re going to LiveStream on is a PC computer or PC laptop. (Do not do this if you are using a MAC computer).
  • You plan to use a DAW recording software (such as Pro Tools, Ableton, Reaper, etc. (You don’t need to do this if you aren’t going to use a DAW).

Download Instructions for ReaPlugs Vst Package

  1. This part is super easy:
    Click Here to Download ReaStream Vst Plug-in
  2. Open the .exe file that you just downloaded.
  3. Click “I Agree” and then click “Next.”
    1. You must double check that the “Destination Folder” is set EXACTLY AS BELOW (if not, your DAW won’t find the plug-in):
    2. C:\ProgramFiles\Vstplugins\ReaPlugs
    3. The default “Destination Folder” it suggests should be the above location, but double check just in case.
  5. Click “Install.”

That’s it for now! Later on in the Tech Rider in your account we’ll show you how to correctly set up this Vst Plug-in so that your Master Audio Output gets sent correctly to OBS for your Afton Tickets LiveStream!