LiveStream: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



For Artists


How do I sign up for a LiveStream?

In order to sign up for a livestream you can simply head to Afton Tickets and then Click Learn More and submit the contact form and we will reach out and get them set up. 


How much is it to LiveStream?

Our booking services are completely free to artists!


Can I choose my own ticket price?

Yes the ticket price is chosen by the artist that is performing.


Can I message my fans during a LiveSteam?

Yes we have a built in messenger for the artist and the fans. Fans can even tip the artist during the performance if they so desire.


Can I have a soundcheck before my performance?

Yes of course! Before your LiveSteam we have a built in Tech Rider that walks you through the process and one of the main steps is the Sound Check.


Can I use a pre recorded performance video for my LiveStream?

Yes you are able to to use. For the full instructions on how to set that up just head HERE to read over our help article.


For Fans


Where do I watch a LiveSteam?

You can purchase a ticket to any upcoming LiveSteam shows over by clicking HERE. From there you can watch the stream on many different devices.


I am not very tech savvy. Is the LiveSteam easy to figure out?

Yes we make the process as easy as can be. We have a ton of help articles that can get you through any issues that you may have during the process.


Can I watch a LiveSteam from my TV?

Yes you can! You can watch a livestream on just about any device with some being easier to setup than others.

CLICK HERE for an article that goes over all of the option of watching your stream.


Are there any devices that you do not recommend?

This really depends on how tech Savvy you are. From our customer feedback and our own research the hardest avenues to setup are Amazon Silk, Fire TV Stick, Playstation 4, Xbox and Samsung TVs. *Note if your device is on this list it does not mean that you will not be to stream from it we just recommend trying it in advance to see if you are able to set it up before the actual stream.


Can I stream from my computer?

Yes you can! Streaming from a computer is the easiest option. Though we do recommend that if you are using a Windows computer you have a Windows 7 or Higher and if you are using a Apple computer you are using OS X 10/6 or higher.


Does it matter what web browser I use to stream the event?

We have been able to get our streams working on all browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Explorer, Safari, Microsoft Edge…etc), however the web browser that has given us the most issues is Internet Explorer, so we recommend download an alternative browser if that is the browser you are going to use for the stream.


What internet speed do I need for the stream to work?

We recommend an Internet speed of at least 5-10 Mbps. Preferably 10 Mbps though as some of our clients stream in HD video. If you would like to check your internet speed you can do so at


Can I get a refund on my ticket?

All sales are final once purchased as discussed in our refund policy. For further info you can read over our policy HERE.


What if I cannot find my ticket(s) in my email?

That is okay you can simply login to your Afton Tickets account and access the tickets from there.



I am still having issues who can I reach out to?

We are here to help! If you have any questions that were not answered here. Just email us at for help!