Afton Tickets Marketing Handbook (General Tips)

We have decided to make a list of some great tips and tricks when it comes to marketing for your event. After all it can be tricky to find the right method of marketing that works best for you and your event.

1. Setting Up Exclusive Promotions For Your Social Media Audience

One of the best ways to help your social media audience feel special is to reward them with special offers!

-Create a post with some kind of hashtag in it (maybe something like #giveaway or #specialoffer) that places all of the followers who share and tag the post in a drawing.

-Create a special discount code (15% or 20% OFF) for your followers.

-Create a BEST PHOTO contest with your followers. Send out a free gift to the top three winners! (This is a great way to receive media images for promotion as well)

The Sky’s the limit with contests!

2. Make The Purchase Process As Seamless As It Can Be!

– If you make a post about an event make sure to make the ticket purchase instructions as clear as possible so they do not have to jump through hoops to obtain the tickets.

-Sometimes event organizers will post links that go to other website (or their own website) to redirect the fans, but sometimes it is best to just post a direct link and have clear instructions within your event description for fans.

-Posting links can be tricky on Instagram because they are not clickable, but a way around this is to add the purchase link to your bio on Instagram.

-Make sure to have a Share On Social Media button on your website and if possible on the purchase success page when fans buy a ticket.

3. Keep You Fans Excited!

-Keep the excitement as built up as possible as you get closer to your event! You want them to be exciting enough to share what you have to say about the event!

-You can build excitement through countdowns and even things like Early Bird Special pricing!

4. Make Sure To Come Up With A Concrete Hashtag For The Event!

-When we say hashtag we don’t mean the ever so corny #YOLO hashtags we mean to make your event as easily findable as possible! So coming up with something like #Loudfest if your company is called Loud Fest. After all Instagram’s search function can be tricky so making it as easy as possible for potential fans to find the event the better!

-It is important to use this hashtag not only before the event but also during and after the event. After all you can never start planning for future events early enough. And you might even get some great material to post if you get some images during the event that you still have time to post!

5. Memes For The Win!

-There are always people that are not going to understand Memes and how they work but for the vast majority of people they not only understand them but they very much appreciate them!

-There are a ton of websites out their that can help to create them but one of our favorites is Meme Generator. You can see the top memes/tending memes and they make it extremely easy to create your own!

Meet with your team and come up with something great!

6. Post A Lot!

-Many clients that we talk to worry about posting too much and yes, if you are posting each meal that you are eating, that will surely be excessive.

When it comes to great event content, then have at it!

-With Instagram’s algorithm by default only about 5-10% of your audience will see most of the posts that you add, so to off set that you can post a few more!

7. Make It A Little Personal By Tagging An Attendee!

-You don’t want your customers to feel like they are just a ticket purchase to you. You often will want to make them feel special when you can.

-There is not enough time in the day to @mention every one of the attendees but if you do get mentioned in a post of one of your customers at your event show them some love by re posting them and @’ing them in the post.

-This is what we call a win-win scenario. Your attendee is happy that they were mentioned, you are happy that they took the time to do so and this will greatly help your account when it comes to Instagram’s algorithm.

We know you are busy with so many things in regards to your event, but just don’t neglect promotion for it. There doesn’t need to be a ton of time spent on it but every little bit counts!